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Information on the British Deer Society (BDS) Highlands branch including events, contacts, and news.

Branch Area and committee

ChairSimon Jackson
SecretarySimon Jackson
TreasurerRick Connolly
Liaison with Cawdor Rifle ClubIan Davidson

Additional Committee Members

Dougie Mitchell
David Allison
Derek Newlands
Tim Riome
Andrew Yool

Postcode Area
HS Western Isles
IV Inverness
KW Kirkwall
PA Paisley
PH19 – PH50 Perth
ZE Lerwick




31st October

Rifle Range Day

6th November

Winter Shoot

Following two years of the Branch fund raising activity being stopped due to the Covid situation, we now need to re-arrange our finances to avoid running out of funds to continue operations.

To this end the Branch Committee has decided to charge shooters at our Cawdor range days £5 each per day on range. This will cover the cost of targets and range hire if sufficient shooters attend.

This charge will be reviewed a time goes forward and will be removed if sufficient alternative funds are raised.

The charge will be applicable starting on our shoot this Sunday 30th May.


No upcoming events, please check back soon.


This year has been a difficult one due to the changes in your Committee and the pandemic and now the Committee will work towards restoring normality and providing wider interest activities than in the past.  Our new Committee members will bring new ideas and vigour to the Branch.

The Moy Field Sports Fair has been cancelled this year and we hope to be there again in 2022.

The Committee is hoping to run some Habitat Assessment days this year & we will publish plans when they are made.

Another plan is to provide photography events,  to encourage new interest for Members.

We also hope to have a summer barbecue at one of the Cawdor shoot days.

We have been able to restart our rifle range days at Cawdor.

Planned dates are:-

  • Sunday 12th September – Rifle range day
  • Sunday 31st October  – Rifle range day
  • Saturday 6th November – Winter Shoot (competition)

If attending, please arrive at 09.00hrs for set up and briefing in plenty of time for shooting to start at 10.00hrs.  We have purchased a new gazebo to protect us if the weather is inclement. 

We expect to be allocated an additional day by Cawdor Rifle Club and this will be added to the programme as appropriate.

Please note that all shoot days will be open to all Members with no discrimination due to experience, ability or sex.

Training and advice will be encouraged and prioritized on all shoots other than during competitions.

Preferential Rates for BDS Members

BDS and Altyre Estate are pleased to announce the launch of preferential rates for BDS members who wish to stalk Scottish woodland roe deer at Altyre Estate in Moray. Primarily aimed at those wishing to undertake DSC2 training and/or assessment, the estate can offer accompanied stalks for cull roebucks and does with the estate stalker (Approved Witness) at a flat rate of £85 inc VAT per outing.

For more details, please contact the Altyre Estate office directly on 01309 672265 or by email at

Stay in touch

If your contact information has changed please make sure to let us know.  To update your details simply email or call 01425 655434.


Eat Venison – it’s Good for You and the Planet!

Eat Venison – it’s Good for You and the Planet!

Wild sourced UK Venison is a highly sustainable choice. In the UK we have thriving deer populations living in the wild that due to having no natural predators need to be managed to ensure they stay healthy and are kept in balance with their environment.

Deer Collisions Warning - Fallow deer at dawn By Giedriius

Warning of an increased risk of deer collisions as clocks go back

National Highways and the British Deer Society are warning drivers to be extra vigilant for deer on or near roads after the clocks go back this weekend.

There is a substantial increase in deer vehicle collisions from October to December. Poorer driving conditions and fewer hours of daylight, coupled with the annual breeding season (the rut) for red, sika & fallow deer make this a high-risk time of year.

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