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BDS Skills Award

BDS Skills Award

BDS Skills Award

The British Deer Society first developed the Woodland, then the National Stalkers Competence Certificate over 30 years ago.  This was the first certified training course to be adopted throughout the UK.  BDS then gifted the core material to DMQ when Deer Management Qualifications were formally introduced, and this was the nucleus for Deer Stalking Certificate 1.  DSC1 is now nationally recognized deer sector qualification.

Since the introduction of the DSC2, many stalkers have been asking for something more. DMQ have looked at a DSC3 but, for a number of very good reasons, have not pursued it.  There remains nevertheless a demand for continuation training in the form of skills development in much the same way that the professions require CPD (Continual Professional Development) to maintain currency.  The BDS is now available to deliver it. Based on a continuous acquisition of skills, stalkers and deer managers will be able to achieve a further graded award through engagement with approved sector courses.

The BDS Skills Award is open to BDS members and non-members. Awards at various levels will be given to people providing proof of achieving sufficient elements from a wide range of courses and qualifications. The awards are graded as Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each element is graded with a point value based on the level of learning and the duration of the course, and sufficient points gained from a self-selected range of elements will qualify for the award at an appropriate level. Whilst the principle will be one of choice, there will be some compulsory elements to each level of the award. For example achievement of DSC1 will be compulsory for the Bronze award, DSC2 for the Silver award and attendance at a BDS Deer Management Course or equivalent, will be compulsory for the Gold award. Otherwise you select the most appropriate courses for your requirements and progress towards the target award with each course attended.
Bronze Award – Claim for the Bronze Award: Points value 100

Silver Award - Claim for the Silver Award: Bronze Award + 50 points = 150 Points Total

Gold Award – Claim for the Gold Award: Bronze Award + Sliver Award + 50 points = 200 Points Total        

Skills Award Overview    

Award Core Components

 Course or Award  Points Value
 1 Deer Stalking Certificate 1*  30
 2 Deer Stalking Certificate 2**  30
 3 BDS First Aid Course  20
 4 Other Valid First Aid at Work (minimum) Course  15
 5 BDS Advanced Shooting Award  15
 6 High Seat Placement and Health and Safety  10
 7 Carcass Butchery Course  15
 8 Dogs for Deer Training Event  10
 9 Off Road Driving Course  10
 10 All-Terrain Vehicle Driving Course  10
 11 Impact and Habitat Assessment  10
 12 Theoretical Ammunition Re-loading Course  10
 13 Outdoor Survival Course  15
 14 Humane Animal Despatch Course  15
 15 BDS Deer Management Course or the former (no longer available) BDS Advanced Stalkers’ Qualification***  45
 16 Advanced Ballistics and Shooting Course  15
 17 Practical Woodland Deer Census Course  10
 18 BDS Instructors’ Course  45
 19 Range Conducting Officers’ Qualification  20
 20 Manual Handling Course  10
 21 Chainsaw Qualification  10
 22 Evidence of Attendance at Best Practice Event 1  10
 23 Evidence of Attendance at Best Practice Event 2  10
 24 Evidence of Attendance at Best Practice Event 3  10
 25 BDS Membership  10
  Other units to be added or considered  
 *Compulsory unit for Bronze Award
 **Compulsory unit for Silver Award
 ***Compulsory unit for Gold Award

The above list is not exhaustive but details the units which with evidence of achievement will readily be accepted toward a particular level of skills award.  Other courses which are deer related may be accepted if they are deemed comparable. Any decision regarding this will be made by the BDS Training Committee who if accepting a unit, will also allocate a points value.

The cost to register for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Skills Award is £40.00 each or to register for all three levels the cost is £100.00.

pdf Download a BDS Skills award application form (108 KB)

  pdf Download a Skills Award Claim Form (153 KB)

  pdf Skills Award Scheme Overview (669 KB)