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British Deer Society Photographic Competitions

Our photography competitions give everyone a chance to share their talent and showcase some of the interesting spectacles they have encountered in the deer world during the year.

They also provide an important source of images and fresh material which is in frequent demand for BDS training and educational purposes and also for the media.

Each year we run a competition for our members, and every few years we have an open competition so anyone can take part. It is a condition of entry into our competitions that the owner of the copyright of any image submitted automatically grants permission to the society to use it for subsequent educational and marketing purposes.

The BDS Photographer of the year

Each year all BDS members are invited to submit their images direct to the society for inclusion into the annual “The BDS Photographer of the Year” competition. All images submitted through the branches for The Dulverton Trophy competition (see below) will also be entered into this competition.

The competition closes in March each year.

There are certificates and cash prizes for the first, second and third placed entries.

The photographs submitted must follow the following criteria:

  • Feature wild or park deer, UK native species, in any situation
  • All images entered must be of LIVE DEER - welfare is paramount and there must be no disturbance to deer during the taking of any photographs
  • Pictures must be obtained legally with the landowner's permission where necessary

The winning branch will be notified and the winning photographs exhibited as appropriate, as well as being published on the website and in the DEER journal.  

  pdf Click to download 'How to Enter' and Competition Rules (203 KB)



The Dulverton Trophy Annual Competition 

Each year society branches are invited to submit entries for the inter branch photographic competition (The Dulverton Trophy). These entries can be the results of branch photographic competitions for the period in question or if no branch competition has been run, the branch can still submit entries from within its individual members.

The competition closes on 31st March of the current year.  Any image from a branch competition held since the last day of April of the previous year will be valid for entry for the Dulverton Trophy.