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15 March 2019

BDS Says Goodbye to Adrienne Tollman

This week we said farewell to our Marketing and Admin Co-ordinator Adrienne Tollman.

Over the last three years, Adrienne has done a great job and been key in maintaining the website, Deerbytes newsletter, BDS advertising, social media, and eBay auction. She also worked with our branches and was instrumental in ensuring the Society fully met all its GDPR compliance requirements.

Adrienne is moving to take up a new post in Salisbury in the very near future. 

We are grateful to Adrienne for her hard work and dedication and wish her every success in her new job.  

14 March 2019

Essex Police Investigating Deer Found Dead in Harlow Parkland

Essex police have launched an investigation after three deer carcasses were found in Harlow woodlands. It is believed the deer may have been killed through snaring or coursing.

This is the third in a spate of deer deaths in the area which first started in December.

Police are urging anyone who finds a snare or has information about suspicious activity to call the Essex Police Rural Engagement Team on 101.


12 March 2019

Rare Philippine Spotted Deer Born in the UK

Newquay Zoo has recently celebrated the birth of a Philippine spotted deer one of the rarest deer species in the world.

This small deer species is also known as Prince Alfred’s deer or Visayan spotted deer, is native to the Philippines and classified as endangered. There are thought to be fewer than 2,500 left in the wild due to hunting and deforestation, which makes the work of breeding programmes like the one a Newquay zoo important for the species survival.

Keeper Tracey Twomey said: “With the Philippine spotted deer being one of the most globally threatened deer species, each birth is extremely important for the conservation of the species. Mother and baby are doing very well, both are strong and healthy. We look forward to seeing this little one grow up and hopefully have little ones of her own.”

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08 March 2019

Waste Dumping Proves Fatal to Deer

Waste dumping is becoming an increasing problem in our UK countryside. While some people may simply see this as an eyesore, it presents a very real danger to our wildlife.

Deer Killed by Rope

One of our members Martyn Hobrough was recently out enjoying his local area when he discovered a most distressing scene.

Martyn explains:

“There are three roe buck skulls entangled in this pile of discarded rope and the whole “package” is caught in a barbed-wire fence. The remains of the carcasses are scattered around the site...”
“These animals will have died the most slow and horrific death.”

Martyn contacted us to highlight the issue and provide photographs that the BDS could use to raise awareness and assist with both training and education.

04 March 2019

Deer Killed by Pack of Dogs

On Monday (4/3/19), The BBC reported a deer had been killed by a pack of dogs in Aberdeen. The deer was found by the Scottish SPCA in woodland on Sunday 17 February with injuries consistent with deer coursing.

Deputy chief superintendent Tom Gatherer of the Scottish SPCA said:

“Deer coursing is an illegal and barbaric crime which causes the deer horrific pain and suffering and a great deal of distress.

Our key aim is to help tackle the killing of deer by dogs and reduce the number of animals that are exposed to suffering, which we are able to do when we disrupt organised hunting gangs.”

The Scottish SPCA is now working with the police to try to catch those involved.

26 February 2019

Persian Fallow Deer Released into the Hills of Jerusalem

News reached us this week of a successful release of five Persian fallow deer into the hills of Jerusalem by Staff members of Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo.

Persian fallow deer were thought to be extinct in 1940, but were rediscovered in Iran in 1956 and only exist today in small populations.   

View more pictures on the Global Times website

Staff members of Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo release Persian fallow deers
Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/2/26

11 February 2019

BDS AGM Weekend Sat 11th/Sun 12th May 2019

Book now for the Society’s AGM weekend, based at The Doubletree by Hilton Cambridge Belfry hotel, where Saturday’s Dinner and Sunday’s AGM will take place.

Saturday’s visit will include Euston Hall with its splendid art collection and beautiful gardens, plus an afternoon within the Estate's woodland. Events will run in combination with the branch range day at Euston so anyone wishing, could spend part of their time at the range where Edgar Brothers will be on hand displaying rifles, ammunition and optics.

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10 February 2019

Can you donate a lot for the 2019 BDS Internet Auction?

BDS is unbelievably grateful to our many loyal and generous donors who give lots each year. If you have something you would be happy to donate, stalking and other sporting lots are particularly welcome, then please do let us know. Items like these invariably prove the most popular in the auction, provide the bulk of the auction income and often result in new friendships.

Please do contact Helen and let her know if you can help the Society in any way.

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