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22 April 2019

Bradgate Park Boss Has Important Reminders for Visitors

Bradgate Park is a public park in Charnwood Forest, in Leicestershire, and covers 850 acres. Nearly eight centuries ago Bradgate Park was enclosed as a deer park and today it is still home to herds of Red and Fallow Deer. 

Recently a young deer had to be put down after becoming entangled in a plastic carrier bag and this, as well as other events at the park, have prompted the park's boss Peter Tyldesley to post some important reminders for visitors to the park.

Bradgate Park

16 April 2019

Deer Traps Found in Levenmouth Popular Walking Area

The Courier reported on 16 April that a local dog walker has discovered a makeshift deer traps while walking in an area known as The Dam near the river Leven.

The traps were made from barbed wire, wood and metal tied to trees, one of which the walker was able to dismantle although he experienced several injuries to his arms in the process. In addition, people in the local area have been warned to be on the alert for similar devices.

Fife's Safer Communities team have been asked to investigate after a number of residents raised concerns.

10 April 2019

Show Your Support - BDS AGM Weekend

British Deer Society 2019 AGM Weekend - 11th / 12th May 2019

You don't want to miss our upcoming AGM as its set to be both a fun and informative weekend hosted by our East Anglia branch.

Highlights include:

A visit to Euston Hall and gardens plus Meet Estate Stalker

Range day and Edgar Brothers display


Annual Dinner

Research updates, hot topics, and AGM

Over the weekend there will also be opportunities to hear from our Chairman Professor Rory Putman, Peter Green – BDS Hon. Veterinary Advisor and Dr Alistair Ward - BDS Scientific Advisor.

In addition, there will be an update on our new BDS app and a chance to try this out before its main launch later this year.

Come and join us!

Learn More and Book Today

The Doubletree by Hilton Cambridge Belfry Hotel, 

09 April 2019

Open Letter Sent to Residents after Greyhounds Spotted Chasing Deer

An open letter has been sent to the residents of a Buckshaw housing development by Residential Management Group (RMG) after greyhounds had been spotted chasing wild deer in a woodland area of Buckshaw Village.

The letter states that the incident was being investigated and anyone found responsible would be duly reported.

08 April 2019

Deer Management in Scotland - Lowland Deer Reports Published

Latest Lowland Deer Reports Published

The Lowland Deer (Section 4) Panel report.
This includes seven recommendations for SNH to consider. SNH will consider the report and recommendations in the round, rather than taking the Panel’s work in isolation, and we will, therefore, respond fully to the Panel’s report later this year.

The Lowland Deer Management: assessing the delivery of public interests report,
This report was compiled by SRUC to better understand approaches to Lowland Deer management. The report is an important first step to build a complete picture of how deer are managed in lowland Scotland, including vital information on deer numbers, deer impacts on agriculture and forestry, and deer-vehicle collisions.

A second phase of this project is currently being taken forward.

04 April 2019

UDD Online Revision for DSC1

Need to fast track your revision progress before taking a DSC1 assessment? Short on time?

Access to online training at a time to suit you just couldn’t be easier.

• Ultimate Deer Data (UDD) provides comprehensive information on all 5 assessments
• 19 interactive quizzes and 5 deer ID tests can be repeated until you are answering correctly and with confidence
• UDD is also a brilliant resource for anyone needing to increase their knowledge of British deer and their management

UDD is also a brilliant resource for anyone needing to increase their knowledge of British deer and their management.

Recently reviewed and updated!

04 April 2019

Park Deer Killed by Carrier Bag

BBC News reported this week that a young fallow buck had died after being caught up in a discarded plastic carrier bag in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire.

Park rangers reported that the deer was severely injured after it jumped a wall in "blind panic" with the bag "covering its face and strangling it".

In 2016, a deer's stomach was found to be full of plastic poo bags left at the same park.

This highlight the ever-growing concern over plastic rubbish in our environment and the problems being caused when this is not disposed of correctly.

Bradgate Park fallow deer

04 April 2019

Wednesday Walkers Group Saves Deer

The Henley Standard reported that a group of walkers has rescued a deer on land near Henley Park.

The deer was caught in double-stranded barbed wire and again highlights the dangers to deer of fencing hazards.

Mick Martin, one of the five walkers, said:

“As we were coming down on to the Mount we heard some squealing and saw the deer hanging on the fence.

It must have run out of the wood, tried to leap the fence and caught its feet on the top. It was hanging from its hind legs.”

The walkers approached the deer but it tried to escape, so Mr Martin grabbed hold of it and lifted it up to take the weight while two others untangled it.

“We had to bring it over the fence so it twisted the wire back to the right angle. The leg came out and the deer ran away. There was nothing broken but it had a few cuts from the wire.”

Walkers save deer