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Webinar: The Debate Over Lead and Copper Ammunition

Wednesday 21st October at 19.30 Streaming Live on The British Deer Society YouTube Channel.*

There has been a lot of debate over lead ammunition and its copper-based alternatives. In this webinar, we aim to discuss some of the issues and answer viewers questions.

The aim of the webinar is to explore the topic, draw on our panels personal experiences and get a feel for where we are currently in the UK and what the future might hold.

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Webinar: The Debate Over Lead and Copper Ammunition

Webinar panel:

  • Nick Rout Professional - Stalker / Trustee of the BDS
  • Megan Rowland - Gamekeeper and Stalker
  • Andrew Venables - Trainer and Stalker

If you would like to submit a question to the panel in advance please email your question to