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Investigation Into The Current Transportation Methods Used For Captive UK Deer

BVSc Veterinary Science Student Samuel Pearce is asking for help with a new study into the current transportation methods used for captive UK deer.

Anyone that manages a captive deer herd across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland is invited to fill out the survey.

The study aims to assess the current state of deer transport in the UK, with a focus on transport to slaughter and its possible welfare implications. Little research has been done on the transport of deer in the UK generally, and the majority of this was done over two decades ago.

This study is split into two parts: the first part is this survey which will help create a better understanding about the reasons for transporting deer and how this is done, and the second part involves working with abattoirs to collect and describe data such as average journey length or average time spent in lairage and comparing this with carcass bruising data to see if there is any association.

Samuel hopes that an updated understanding of how and why deer are transported in the UK will provide a basis for future research into the impact of transport on deer welfare and how this may be improved for the benefit of both the deer and those transporting them.

Fallow Dee Gloucestershire Autumn By PJ photography

How you can help

There is an online survey that you can fill out to help build a better understanding of captive deer transport in the UK. Questions are based around farm handling and vehicle loading facilities, what vehicles are commonly used and deer management in relation to transport.

The survey should take between around 10 minutes to complete.

Who can help us
Anyone that manages a captive deer herd across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to fill out the survey.
If you own or manage a captive deer herd and are interested in participating, please feel free to read the participant information sheet before filling out the survey:

If you decide that you would like to take part in the survey after reading the information sheet, you can find the survey here: