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BDS Webinar Series: UK Venison Market and its Future

Wednesday 19th August at 19.30 – 20.45 Streaming Live on The British Deer Society YouTube Channel.

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Prior to lockdown, the price of venison was already under pressure, allegedly due to large scale culls in Europe. With lockdown came a closure of restaurants and a further drop in demand for venison - some prices reaching a low of £1 a kilo or less!

This price decline alongside the concern linked to rising deer numbers has led to many challenges for the stalker – Is it worth following the management plan? What do I do with the venison? How are game dealers to survive?

The first event in the Society’s Free webinar series will give the opportunity for representatives across the industry to come together to discuss the issues and to answer questions as we all work to find the best ways forward through these challenging times.

The panel will include representatives from across the industry including:

  • Nick Rout - Professional culler
  • Glyn Ingram – BDS Deer Officer
  • Graham Downing - Small scale venison producer
  • Will Oakley - Game dealer
  • David Hooton - Forestry Commission Deer Officer (East and East Midlands)

If you would like to submit a question to the panel in advance please email your question to

While attendees will be able to post questions in the comments during the event high demand may prevent these being picked up during the discussion. We will however endeavour to answer as many questions as we can either during or after the event.

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