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Plastic Pollution Causes Stags Death on Jura

A sad report has reached BDS, posted on Facebook by Wild Side of Jura, where a stag had been discovered tangled up in a mass of plastic banding. It seems likely he came across the banding on the west coast of Jura whilst grazing seaweed on the shore.

The stag managed to make it a mile up from the shore, no mean feat considering it was tangled around his back leg as well as around his antlers.

Plastic waste is a global problem and on Jura more is turning up every year on the west coast. It presents a risk to wildlife including deer both externally when deer become trapped like this stag and internally where consumption of plastics can lead to starvation and death.

Images below are from the Wide Side of Jura Facebook post.

Plastic Pollution Causes Stags Death on Jura

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