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Venison Dealers Licences - November 2019

The Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW) has a specific Priority Group to engage in Poaching & Coursing. Scotland’s group has been considering the returns / annual reports of Local Authorities to SNH of Venison Dealers Licences issued and it is ongoing.

A GIS map of the known addresses reveals that certain regions appear to have no registered Venison Dealers Licences operating. This may be the case but it may also suggest that there are persons or firms or estates processing, (removing the skin and butchering carcasses), who are non-compliant.

The National Wildlife Crime Unit and SNH, with support from Wildlife Crime Officers will soon be undertaking investigations into premises to investigate for non-compliance.

Ensure your licence is current and that your records are complete to avoid any embarrassment. Remember that additionally if processing carcasses that the premises must be registered with the Local Authority as a food business.

A guidance sheet has been drafted to answer several frequently asked questions.

  pdf Download Sheet (113 KB)