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Isle of Wight Deer Survey

Have you seen some deer in the wild on the Isle of Wight or signs of deer such as tracks, deer hair or antlers?

If so it would help with their conservation if you could complete the Isle of Wight Deer Conservation deer survey.

Wild deer are part of the Isle of Wight’s rich natural heritage, historically they are important as the islands special woodlands evolved in their presence. Isle of Wight Deer Conservation wishes to extend their knowledge of deer in the wild on the island so that they can record this for the benefit of present-day and future generations of islanders.

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Isle of Wight Deer Survey

In common with much of southern England the fortunes of our deer declined during the 18th century leading to their eventual disappearance around the 1840’s. It is only within the past 60 years that deer have gradually started to re-establish on the island with evidence of Red, Roe, Fallow, Sika and Muntjac all being seen.