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Deer Rut - Top Tips to Stay Safe

Between late September and early November, is the rutting season for many deer species and lots of people enjoy visiting the UK's deer parks to watch and photograph the deer.

As rutting stags are pumped up with testosterone, there are additional risks to be aware of when watching or photographing deer during the rut.

Deer Rut - Top Tips to Stay Safe

This article looks at some of our top tips on keeping safe while enjoying the deer rut.

  • Keep your distance! Stay at least 100m from rutting deer.
  • Be inconspicuous – use binoculars for close up viewing.
  • Pay special attention to any signs put up by the park authorities and follow their advice.
  • If there is a large number of people present, do not surround the deer as it may make them nervous.
  • If you have a dog, it is best to leave it at home when the park deer are rutting. If you do have your dog with you, keep it on a lead and under close control.
  • If a deer starts walking parallel to you and glancing at you out of the corner of its eye, it is a sign that it may be considering you as a threat - move away immediately.

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