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Public Urged To Stay Safe When Watching Deer

BDS has been briefing BBC journalists about the dangers of getting too close to park deer.

Despite repeated warnings, some members of the public are continuing to get dangerously close to deer. Which the BBC highlighted in their article "Wollaton Park deer selfie warning ignored by visitors".

With the Autumn rut season just around the corner, BDS wanted to urge the public to stay safe when watching deer. 

Deer are wild animals and park deer are no exception. They may be used to humans and will tolerate our presence, but don't be tempted to get too close in search of a photo or a special encounter.

Please keep your distance!

Public Urged To Stay Safe When Watching Deer

As we move into the Autumn rutting season, stags, and bucks are likely to demonstrate aggressive behaviour.

For your own safety DO NOT approach any deer to within closer than 50m, and stay at least 100m from rutting deer.

In 2017, sadly a woman was gored in a deer park in Richmond, London, after taking a video of deer.

Wollaton Park spokesman said last month

"As the summer ends, the stags' antlers lose their soft velvet to reveal "a set of hard and very pointy weaponry, which they fight each other with. 

We assume you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of them."

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