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Reminder to the Public About Young Deer

BDS has noted that members of the public are often unaware of how to treat young deer and nursing females they may come into contact with.

Footage came to light this week on Twitter (this has now been removed) showing a playful dog out of control and clearly causing distress to a young deer. Sadly the owner misunderstood this as simply rough play, however, our followers were quick to highlight the real risks this situation presented.

Reminder to the Public About Young Deer

BDS asks the public to please keep their distance from young deer and nursing females and be sure to keep dogs firmly under control. It is not unusual to encounter protective female deer of all species, obviously highly nervous but still prepared to stand their ground, to protect their young.

Most species of UK deer give birth to young between May and July, however, Muntjac can breed all year round.

Advice on abandoned young