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Health: Watch out ticks about!

We all like to enjoy being outdoors, but it's important to also be tick aware!

The main tick feeding season is late spring, early summer, and autumn when they can bite if you are walking through a tick-infested area. Ticks can also be carried home by pets.

Ticks are known to transmit a range of pathogens to humans, the most common of which is the bacterial infection that causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease is the most significant tick-borne infection in England and Wales in terms of severity and incidence, the latter of which has increased in the past decade. 

In the video below senior scientist at Public Health England, Maaike Pietzsch, explains how to avoid being bitten by a tick, what to do if you have been bitten and how to remove them.

BDS members have for some years assisted with research by collecting tick samples. Please continue helping Public Health England's research by sending ticks found in the UK, to the tick recording scheme. 

PHEs Tick Surveillance Scheme

Lyme disease and ticks