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Do Deer Play Football in the Scottish Highlands?

Recently a deer was spotted and filmed playing with a football on a community pitch. Joseph Mackay spotted and filmed the stag in Lochinver in Sutherland. 

Mr Mackay told the BBC he often sees five or six deer on the pitch. 


View video on the BBC website  

While many have been amused by the footage one of our followers on Twitter did point out that goal nets can present a hazard to deer as they can become trapped in the netting.

The most vulnerable time for our larger deer is from August through to April/May before the three larger species shed their antlers. However, it's not always the antlers that become caught as highlighted by the recent case involving the death of a pregnant deer whose head became trapped in goal nets.

Sadly within the last few weeks, BDS has seen new images on social media of deer who have died after becoming trapped in netting. The society wants to stress how important it is that when not in use sports nets should be tidied away to prevent this from happening.

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