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Staten Island’s Deer Vasectomy Scheme Having Little Impact

After three years and a cost of $4.1 million deer vasectomies have trimmed Staten Island’s by a total of 316 animals.

Staten Island’s $4.1M deer vasectomy scheme

This means US taxpayers have spent $12,975 a head to shave 15% off the huge herd.

The city hired White Buffalo in 2016 to run the world’s first attempt to curb deer by sterilizing only males, as the borough’s herd increased to a high of 2,053 in 2017—an 8,454% increase in less than a decade.

It’s too little, too late, said Staten Island Borough President James Oddo.

“The beneficial impact of their method is still years away, meanwhile, crashes, increased incidence of [Lyme] disease, and the extinction of plant species and various ecosystems roll on.” 

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