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Farmers Urged to Check for Young Deer

At this time of year, many farmers will be harvesting silage, but unfortunately, it's not uncommon for young deer to be killed in the process. 

Farmers Urged to Check for Young Deer

It is normal for a mother to leave a young hidden because it cannot keep up with her when she is feeding and our standard advice is to leave them well alone. However, if they are hidden in a farmers field this can be extremely dangerous. We urge farmers to check for young hidden in the field before harvesting and move these to a safe place.

A popular method is to walk the area with a dog before harvesting. Thankfully we know many farmers do this, but as the young deer are often well hidden with little or no scent they can be extremely difficult to spot. A few years ago a couple of wild game managers from Germany came up with a possible solution to the problem.

With the help of a drone equipped with a thermal camera, the two young German men began getting up at dawn to search fields for any young animals and then bring them to safety. In just a couple of weeks, Rupprecht Walch and his colleague Dieter Hampel had saved up to 90 young deer. 

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