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Two Deer Die After Being Caught in Butterfly Fence

Sad news reached BDS this week of more deer deaths related to fencing.

Fencing in the Forest of Dean that had been put in place to protect rare butterflies caused the death of two deer, one a pregnant doe caught on barbed wire and another deer with broken legs. Local police confirmed that both deer had been humanely dispatched.

A Gloucestershire Police spokesperson said:

“I can confirm that on Friday, May 3, Gloucestershire Constabulary received two reports of injured deer in the Cinderford area and that both animals were humanely dispatched by authorised marksmen."

The deer were found by Mr Ray Puttock who commented about his discovery on social media where he raised concerns over the use of an extra strand of barbed wire.

Deer killed due to fencing

Photo, by Ray Puttock, shows the doe fatally injured.

A spokesperson from Forestry England (FE) said, following the incident:

“We are extremely saddened to see that a deer has been caught in fencing. We will be reviewing the fence specification."

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT) added:

“We are saddened to hear of deer being caught in a fence line in the Forest."

“We are currently investigating, along with our partners, where the incident took place."

“We encourage anyone who finds wildlife in distress on our nature reserves to contact us directly and to inform the Forestry Commission through the main switchboard."

Fencing can present a hazard for deer and sadly we hear of these and similar incidents on a regular basis. 

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