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Drivers Across South West Scotland Advised To Drive Deer Aware

Deer-related vehicle accidents peak at this time of year, as young deer disperse and increasingly cross major roads to look for their own territories.

Scotland TranServ has identified key hot spots

  • on the M77 near Pollok Estate
  • the M898 at Erskine
  • A82 between Renton and Alexandria and Dalnottar and Dumbarton
  • A78 and A8 West Ferry to Parklea Roundabout
  • the M80 near Junction 2
  • A725 between the Whirlies and High Blantyre
  • the M74 between Hamilton and Douglas
  • the A701 Beattock to St Ann’s
  • wooded areas of the A75

Drive Deer Aware

Dr Jochen Langbein who oversees the Deer Vehicle Collisions Project added:

“In Scotland, as in the rest of the UK and many other European countries, deer populations have expanded significantly over recent decades, especially in the lowland areas. Many people think most accidents with deer and vehicles occur on more remote Highland roads, but in Scotland, at least 40% occur on A-class trunk roads or motorways, including across much of South West Scotland’s road network.”

BDS advises drivers:

After dark, use full-beam when there is no oncoming traffic. Your headlights will illuminate the eyes of deer on or near a roadway giving you earlier warning and greater reaction time. BUT, when a deer or other animals is noted on the road, dip your headlights as animals startled by the beam may ‘freeze’ rather than leaving the road.

The Advice for Drivers page on our website also provides additional recommendations for drivers as well as how to report a deer-vehicle collision. 

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