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Open Letter Sent to Residents after Greyhounds Spotted Chasing Deer

An open letter has been sent to the residents of a Buckshaw housing development by Residential Management Group (RMG) after greyhounds had been spotted chasing wild deer in a woodland area of Buckshaw Village.

The letter states that the incident was being investigated and anyone found responsible would be duly reported.

In the letter RMG said:

“Two untamed greyhound dogs were seen chasing the three deer that live within the wild area of ancient woodland.

“This is obviously a very serious matter and is being investigated. From our knowledge of the development it is most unlikely these dogs were from owners who were local.

“However it’s our duty to report such matters to all residents involved matters such as danger to the natural habitat which this is.

The letter continued: “I am very sorry to have to report such news but rest assured this matter is being looked into and anyone found responsible will be reported to local authorities.”

Signed by RMG property manager Simon Pearson, he urges anyone with information to contact the firm on 0345 002 4444 or

BDS recommends that dog walkers keep to paths and marked trails when deer are known to be in the area and if they see deer to keep their dogs on the lead. This is especially important as we are coming into the season when young deer are normally left hidden by their mother because they cannot keep up with her when she is feeding. This makes the young deer particularly vulnerable.