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Wednesday Walkers Group Saves Deer

The Henley Standard reported that a group of walkers has rescued a deer on land near Henley Park.

The deer was caught in double-stranded barbed wire and again highlights the dangers to deer of fencing hazards.

Mick Martin, one of the five walkers, said:

“As we were coming down on to the Mount we heard some squealing and saw the deer hanging on the fence.

It must have run out of the wood, tried to leap the fence and caught its feet on the top. It was hanging from its hind legs.”

The walkers approached the deer but it tried to escape, so Mr Martin grabbed hold of it and lifted it up to take the weight while two others untangled it.

“We had to bring it over the fence so it twisted the wire back to the right angle. The leg came out and the deer ran away. There was nothing broken but it had a few cuts from the wire.”

Walkers save deer

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