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Independent Irish Politician Wants Army Called in to Manage Deer

The Express reported on Thursday that Independent Irish politician Danny Healy-Rae had asked the Irish legislature to call in the army in response to the problems being caused by wild deer in Kerry in South West Ireland.

Mr Healy-Rae said:

"The deer are entering towns and villages, and estates around Killarney, and they have taken the place over.”

The politician sighted incidents of serious car accidents coupled with a problem with the attitude of the national park to deer management.

Deer Problem in Kerry

In response, Josepha Madigan, Ireland’s Heritage Minister, said there was a deer management programme in place for Killarney National Park and that a cull was currently being done.

In addition, a member of the local council John Joe Culloty, said:

“I don’t agree with bringing in the army as the way of dealing with this, it has to be done internally within the National Park."

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