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Renewal of MoD Shooters Certification Cards

The National Rifle Association (NRA) have announced that, with effect from 01 Jan 2019, new arrangements for the issue of MoD Shooter Certification Cards (SCCs) to members of affiliated clubs will come into place. All current cards expire on 31 Dec 2018 and will be replaced by photo cards and the BDS will require a £25.00 fee to facilitate these. The new cards will be valid for one year and renewed annually.

All renewal applications for Shooter Certification Cards for 2019 must be received by BDS no later than the 10th December 2018. 

Applications need to include an MoD Shooter Certification Card application form and a digital passport sized photo in JPEG format with filename ‘surname –ddmmyy.jpeg’ and where ddmmyy is date of birth.

MoD Shooters Certification Card application form

Email applications along with a digital passport sized photo in jpeg format to

BDS holds training and assessment records for most of the SCCs it has historically issued and will use these as the basis for future certification. If we do not have a record for an individual then that person will be required to undergo a formal BDS run assessment before a card will be able to certify for an SCC.

BDS Members needing to have a Shooters Certification Card allowing them to shoot unsupervised on a MoD range should contact their local BDS branch to find out when courses are being run locally.