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Five steps motorists should take to avoid deer collisions this autumn

Changes to the clocks mean deer movement will coincide with peak commuting hours, increasing the likelihood of collisions.

Highways England, Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and The Deer Initiative Partnership have joined forces to warn motorists about the heightened risk of deer-vehicle collisions this autumn. They urge drivers to be more aware during this time of year and have issued some advice for motorists.

1. When you see deer warning signs or are travelling through a heavily wooded or forested stretch of road, check your speed and stay alert
2. If your headlights are on, use full-beams when you can, but dip them if you see deer as they may ‘freeze’
3. More deer may follow the first one you see, so keep vigilant
4. Be prepared to stop. Try not to suddenly swerve to avoid a deer. Hitting oncoming traffic or another obstacle could be even worse
5. If you have to stop, use your hazard warning lights

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