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Research Biologist to chair the BDS

At its recent AGM held in Edinburgh, the British Deer Society elected Professor Rory Putman as its new Chairman. Professor Putman, who lives in Scotland, has worked for many years as a research biologist, specialising in studies on deer and their impact on their environment and as an independent consultant advising landowners, land managers and Government agencies on deer management. He has worked extensively in the UK and more widely across Europe.

Professor Putman said:

“I am honoured to take up this appointment. The Society’s decision to elect a research biologist to this role emphasises the wide range of interests among the membership, including those simply interested in natural history, those like myself who are professional biologists, others interested as photographers, wildlife artists or even chefs, as well as those concerned with management of deer populations. I believe my own background makes me extremely well-placed to represent the full range of the Society’s membership – and continue to affirm the Society’s position as the go-to place for objective advice on deer and deer management.

In the past few years, the BDS Board has been working hard developing a Strategic Plan to shape the Society's future growth and activities and I am genuinely fortunate that my period of stewardship will allow me to help begin the delivery of some of these exciting new developments within the Society's wider role. I look forward to leading the Board to deliver these challenges".