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Deer Stalking Job Opportunity near Oakham, Rutland

The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust are looking to take on a deer manager to undertake population management to meet woodland management objectives for biodiversity. The area consists of three woodlands in close proximity and totals approximately 35 ha of mixed broadleaf plantation and ASNW coppice with standards. Species present - muntjac and fallow. 31.8.17

The owner will require DSC level 1 and level 2 or equivalent and suitable experience. The main aim is to reduce impacts to coppice regeneration and then maintain numbers at a level whereby woodland management work can be undertaken without unacceptable impacts occurring to either planted trees, regeneration or floral interests.

It is desired that the successful applicant will live within 25 miles of the woodland although applications will be assessed from outside this area.
Please send your details to to receive an application pack.