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Deer Awareness Event, Laughton, East Sussex, 5th Sept

Woodland Trust Ancient Woodland Restoration Project - Deer Awareness Event, Laughton, East Sussex, 5th Sept

The Roebuck Inn, Lewes Road, Laughton, East Sussex, BN8 6BG
Tuesday 5th September 2017, 9:00 - 16:45

As part of the Ancient Woodland Restoration project the Woodland Trust is collaborating with the Deer Initiative to provide Deer Awareness events to Woodland Trust staff, woodland owners and forestry agents. 30.8.17

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The programme will focus on:

• Overview of impacts caused by: UK deer species, other mammals, and the compounding effects of tree diseases.
• Deer Impact Surveys: an introduction to activity and impact indicators, conducting surveys, recording and interpreting results. Preparation for the site visit. Introduction to the MyForest.
• Deer Population Dynamics and Monitoring: factors driving population density and their relationship to habitats.
• Adaptive Management: planning and adapting deer management over time.
• Field Visit

For further information please contact:

Jamie Cordery
01962 679699, 07790 583867