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Hunting knife businesses could be hit by government plans for a 'face-to-face sale requirement' for knives

Government plans to curtail the long-distance sale of hunting knives could put online retailers out of business and stunt the legitimate hunting knife industry in the UK. Plans will introduce a requirement that anyone buying a knife on the internet must collect it at a physical premises. Dealers will then be responsible for checking the age of all buyers via ID.

The plans, which are set to go to consultation, have not made it clear how online-only retailers, without a shop, will comply with the legislation. Evidence shows that 73% of online retailers who should check for age verification are not doing so.

Currently, knife crime is on the rise in the UK and has seen a 20% increase in the year to March 2017. There is no suggestion or statistics to show, that hunting knives have contributed to this crime.

Many hunting-oriented retailers, such as BASC and The Bushcraft Store, offer advice and guidance on how to avoid falling foul of current legislation.

Gun Trade News Sept 17