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Wildlife and Netting

Discarded fencing material and netting of all descriptions is a regular hazard for wildlife, not least Britain’s wild deer which can get it caught around their heads, legs and bodies.

Male deer are especially vulnerable with antlers becoming further entangled in trees or bushes, and sometimes even with each other. The lucky ones are found quickly and the offending material can be removed in time but some animals are not so fortunate. 

Recent cases have included electric fence tape, washing lines and even nets left on football goals overnight. As deer are coming into ever closer contact with urban communities in addition to their more traditional rural habitats, these problems are increasing.

The British Deer Society is asking everyone to ensure that temporary fencing and similar materials are prevented from becoming a hazard to wildlife. Electric fences and netting should be kept taut and made as visible as possible when in use, and stored safely when not. Simply ensuring that paddocks, fields, woods, gardens or allotments and any other places that deer are likely to visit are left tidy can help prevent untold wildlife suffering.

Thank you for your help.  27.7.17