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E Coli Update - Important advice to all Stalkers and Deer managers

Scottish Quality Wild Venison has put out an announcement on E.Coli and gives advice on gralloching. 29.9.16

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As you will be aware, and following the E.coli O157 outbreak in Autumn last year, Scottish Quality Wild Venison (SQWV) and the SQWV assured game dealers/processors have been working with Food Standards Scotland (FSS) to reduce the risk of E.coli O157 entering the food chain.
A result of these discussions, meetings of the sector's Food Safety Group and the SQWV Technical Committee there will be a number of amendments and new recommendations in the SQWV standards shortly to be made available.
Where present, E.coli O157 is carried in the faeces of deer, with one of the reservoirs of highest risk being the last 12 inches of the gut/rectum. One measure that everyone can implement now is to ensure that when gralloching a carcass and removing the pluck, there is no spillage whatsoever, especially from this area. This step in itself will make a significant contribution to minimising risk and ensuring that this potentially killer bacteria does not enter the human food chain. 29.9.16

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