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BDS Internet Charity Auction

BDS Internet Charity Auction – our biggest event yet begins 20th May with over 160 fantastic sporting and general lots including  stalking, grouse, pheasant, duck, wild boar, shooting instruction, fishing, photography, fine dining, paintings, prints, books, getaways,  countryside accessories and lots more!

Support BDS Education and Research - download the  pdf Catalogue (622 KB)  and  pdf Additional Lots (88 KB) or click straight through to eBay from 5pm Friday 20th May when it goes live!

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BDS Internet Auction 2016 - goes live 20th May

  pdf Download the Catalogue of Lots (622 KB)

  pdf Download the Additional Lots (88 KB)

The BDS 2016 Internet Auction will be running on eBay with 3 batches of lots, each batch going live on a different day for a 10 day auction period.

Batch 1 goes live on 20th May, and closes on 30th May

Batch 2 goes live on 21st May, and closes on 31st May

Batch 3 goes live on 22nd May, and closes on 1st June.

Batches go live each day at 5pm.


Each year we run an eBay auction to raise funds.  The majority of donations come from generous supporters linked with the rural community, its pastimes and industries and so reflect these interests.  Items range from countryside clothing, equipment and photography to fishing, stalking, sailing and ferreting.  Fine dining, pub food, holiday lets, spa treatments, paintings, books and food also prove extremely popular! 

It is a great way to raise money and we are really grateful to everyone who supports us. We are happy to accept lots throughout the year in advance of the next auction so please contact us if you would like to give a lot.