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BDS 2016 Deer Distribution Survey App

Every five years the British Deer Society plots the current distribution of all six species of deer found in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Data is collected from various sources, and this year for the first time, BDS will fully engage with members and general public via an internet based recording application designed to record all deer sightings. This easy to use programme asks for observer details, the location of deer seen and drop down menu options to record sex and species. An interactive map can be used to move a pin marker to the location of a sighting and a grid reference is automatically recorded within the programme. For those uncertain of a deer species, the programme contains a visual help guide showing various images of the six species of deer.

To participate and go direct to the survey site -

 By comparing results with previous surveys, we are also able to monitor and record changes in distribution.

Many organisations, scientists, researchers and students benefit from our information which is widely used and quoted. BDS distribution maps appear in scientific papers, books, other publications and have been used for television programmes.

Everyone is asked to help and continue recording all sightings throughout 2016 even if it is felt specific information is already known. Duplication of information is far more valuable than no information. The data received will be translated as deer presence in any 10km x 10km grid square and individual locations or properties within these squares will remain strictly confidential.

The application can be used on any device able to access the internet.

We hope everyone will keep submitting their sightings throughout this year as the Society will be very grateful for all help given toward this important study work.