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Research Funding Requests

BDS is inviting qualified researchers to submit projects for consideration for full or partial funding.

One of the main British Deer Society priorities as emphasised within its mission statement is to encourage research and the distribution of the results.  Topics are either identified by the Society as meeting its policy objectives and offered as a research contract through open tender (or to a limited number of potential contractors)  or  proposed by a third party as aligning with the Society’s objectives and  meeting one or more of the current fundamental themes.

The current priority areas listed here are where the BDS Board believes research is needed and within which it will favour funding.  Whilst the Society will continue to consider applications on ANY deer-related topic, it will give particular consideration to applications received within the key topic areas identified.

The list is neither definitive nor exclusive, and will be updated as necessary. Currently  the Board suggests that research effort, and the Society’s funding, should be focused in the following areas:

• Deer impact on the environment and human interests
• Impact of humans on deer including welfare and disturbance
• The role of deer in livestock and human diseases
• Urban deer: problems and problems associated with management
• Novel methods of controlling impacts of deer
• Ways of improving the welfare impacts of culling wild deer
• Responses of deer and their habitat to climate change
• Research to help combat wildlife crime

Qualified researchers are therefore invited to submit projects in any area of deer- or deer management related research for consideration.  The Society will consider applications for potential PhD projects but generally favours those which might be undertaken as collaborative projects under the Research Council CASE Award scheme, with the Society as collaborating partner.

For further information and application forms: