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The British Deer Society publishes report on controversial lynx reintroduction

The British Deer Society (BDS) has published a comprehensive 33-page report on aspects of the possible reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx in Great Britain.  The report will inform any responses the BDS may make during the consultation phase of any future applications to release lynx into the wild. It is also hoped that the report will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal by the authors Jos Milner and Justin Irvine.

The report was commissioned by the BDS in August after it was proposed that a reintroduction of lynx could help control Britain’s burgeoning deer population. The report gathers current evidence about the lynx into one place, so an informed opinion can be formulated. John Bruce, chairman of the BDS Research Committee, explains: “There have been many differing reports on lynx in the press. This report addresses some of the main issues around the proposals and collates the evidence found in similar release programmes. Readers will come to their own conclusions about the potential for conflict and the probity of releasing Lynx.”
The BDS Scientific Advisor, Dr Alastair Ward, adds: “The BDS has been watching the debate with interest. We were keen to understand the pros and cons, particularly as they relate to deer and animal welfare, and to gather and synthesise this information from an independent, impartial source for the public good.”