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Printable resources

This page brings together a number of BDS leaflets, posters and documents that provide a fascinating range of deer-related information for everyone, including teachers, students, researchers and members of the public. Simply click on the appropriate title to download.

Download our deer species leaflets

pdf Chinese water deer (4.15 MB)
pdf Fallow deer (4.74 MB)
Muntjac deer
pdf Red deer (3.35 MB)
Roe deer
pdf Sika deer (5.69 MB)

Download our UK deer distribution posters

BDS Deer Distribution Posters

Chinese water deer pdf
(782 KB)
Fallow deer pdf
(831 KB)
Muntjac deer
Red deer pdf
(772 KB)
Roe deer pdf
(877 KB)
Sika deer

Download our DL information leaflets

Download our information posters









School KS1 Deer Species PowerPoints