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North East England

North East England

Branch information and events 

Information on the British Deer Society (BDS) North East England branch including events, news, and contacts.

Please help us monitor the spread of muntjac deer by reporting muntjac sightings to  thank you


Up Coming Members Events – All Cancelled

Most we will be able to be rearranged

If you wish us to organise a particular activity for member’s then do please let us know now, it will help us with our planning for the return to members events. As BDS fundraising has suffered over this last few months our future programme may include fundraising for the BDS (as opposed to the branch).

Branch contacts

Chairman  David Stewart 
Treasurer Andrew Collinson 
Mentor scheme & Facebook Jamie Tranter   
RCO Jonathan Spencer  
Muntjac coordinator Ian Smales  

Branch committee members 

David Adams
David Boyson
Andrew Charlton
Dr Al Gabriel
Stephen Hyde
Stuart Jones
Ian Smales
Jonathan Spencer
David Stewart
Tim Swaddle-Scott
Jamie Tranter 

Branch Areas

Postcode Area
DH Durham
DL Darlington
NE  Newcastle-upon-Tyne
SR Sunderland
TS Cleveland


Members will recall the January Branch AGM and then the March newsletter, describing a branch full of energy and activity.  And here I am, mid-June, drafting this text after three months of enforced social isolation!  The committee is now getting active again on providing events for members.

The Branch Committee has started meeting via Zoom and is learning how to have a decent discussion and to do its business in this way. Treasurer Andrew has completed all the muntjac symposium transactions and that leaves the branch with a reasonable bank balance of a little over £5,000.  Of this £1,000 is earmarked for equipment to help the muntjac monitoring. There has been time to follow up on options for a range and to progress the muntjac monitoring, both are reported further below. The team has made responses to the society’s branch review asking for improved working between the board, the office and the branches.  Zoom has made it possible for some of our committee to join a meeting of the England and Wales Advisory Committee. And if any members want to join in our Zoom committee meetings you are most welcome, just let me know.

National Deer Distribution and Abundance Survey, like all events this was deferred. It is now being resurrected, for information see the BDS website.  Both Andrew Collinson and I volunteered for this and we wondered who else has if you have we would be pleased to know so that we can consider sharing experiences.

Monitoring Muntjac – The Muntjac Symposium urged us to improve our monitoring of this species in the branch’s territory. Ian Smales has kindly offered to coordinate this for us, and we are currently working on how best to go about it.  It might be possible to combine muntjac and abundance surveys.  More information when we have it; meantime members are urged to report to us any muntjac sightings or possible sightings, please.  In the last couple of months, there have been three new muntjac reports close to our region, including just over the Scottish Border and from near Carlisle. 

Otterburn Ranges, Brownridge Range and our own Branch Range – Thank you for the couple of responses I had to the suggestion about returning to Otterburn.  We’ll develop the links again if the opportunity arises. Meantime David Boyson and Jamie Tranter are exploring working with the emerging Brownridge Range in north Northumberland. And we continue to look for our own site; If you know of a suitable place, a disused quarry for example, then please tell us.