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    What do we do? - BDS promotes deer education, research and management best practice to ensure a healthy and sustainable deer population in balance with the environment; a key feature of the biodiversity of the UK landscape.

    What do we do?
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    The British Deer Society

    Our aim - BDS aims to be the go-to place for objective and unbiased information on the biology of deer and methods of deer management, humane treatment and control.

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    The British Deer Society

    Research - BDS provides funding and support for high quality deer research to inform government(s), academia, trade organisations, members, the media and the public.

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    The British Deer Society

    Membership - BDS embraces a varied membership ranging from professional biologists, enthusiastic naturalists, keen photographers, wildlife artists and chefs to deer managers and stalkers. All are welcome.

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    The British Deer Society

    Education - BDS aims to improve general education and understanding of all deer-related issues, through active engagement and access to high quality educational materials.

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    The British Deer Society

    Training - We develop and deliver high quality training programmes to promote best practice in deer management.

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    The British Deer Society

    How can you help us? - Help BDS continue its education and research programme. Secure the future of wild deer in the UK by becoming a member, making a donation, or purchasing from our shop. Thank you for your support.

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Latest News

BDS Survey of Deer Distribution & Abundance

Every five years the BDS conducts a survey of deer distribution across the United Kingdom.  The results provide data which is invaluable to national and regional policy makers, researchers, land managers and many others, and, over the years, the resulting maps have built up an essential picture of the fortunes of deer in this country.   

This year will mark our most comprehensive survey yet as we will not just be recording deer presence but also looking to establish actual densities.  To ensure success we need your help.  All that we ask is that you visit a survey area within an allocated 1km square during March/April and August/September and record the deer signs that you find.  pdf More details can be found here (133 KB) .


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Deer Working Group Report

The management of wild deer in Scotland: Deer Working Group report

The Group was appointed as an independent working group to review the existing statutory and non-statutory arrangements for the management of wild deer in Scotland, taking account of the position with each of the four species of wild deer in Scotland and the varying circumstances across Scotland. 

This report is the result of the Group’s review and contains a wide range of recommendations to fulfil the Group’s remit to make “recommendations for changes to ensure effective deer management that safeguards public interests and promotes the sustainable management of wild deer”.

The management of wild deer in Scotland: Deer Working Group report

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Deer Management in Scotland

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has published reports on assessing progress in deer management in Scotland, which has been prepared for the Scottish Government.

Below are links to the main report and three associated research reports:
Assessing Progress in Deer Management - SNH report to the Scottish Government -

  1. SNH Research Report 1149 - Updating the estimates of national trends and regional differences in red deer densities on the open-hill ground in Scotland -
  2. SNH Research Report 1158 - Deer-Vehicle Collision (DVC) data collection and analysis 2016 – 2018 -
  3. SNH Research Report 1188 - Lowland deer management - assessing the delivery of public interests - phase 2 -

 Assessing Progress in Deer Management - SNH report to Scottish Government

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Deer Winter 2019/20 Edition - Out Now

The latest edition of Deer, The Journal of The British Deer Society is out now.

Features include:

  • Deer Distribution and Abundance
  • News from the BDS
  • Genetic Diversity in Water Deer
  • Investigating Roe Range
  • Deer Tracks and Signs
  • and more...


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