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BDS Statement on the Scottish Government’s Response to The Deer Working Group’s Report

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The British Deer Society is concerned over several aspects of the Scottish Government’s response to the Deer Working Group’s recommendations regarding the management of wild deer in Scotland.

We agree that the report was certainly needed, but as also recognised by the Scottish Government, far more research is required to really understand the welfare implications on deer that some of the report recommendations make.

To that end we are assembling a dedicated scientific group who will review existing science and where necessary commission further research with a view to ensuring that the decisions made can benefit from independent, factual, and scientific insight, while paying proper regard to the overarching welfare of Scotland’s deer.

We believe there are several gaps in the current available research that need further exploration. In particular, we are concerned about the welfare implications of the proposed shortening of the close season for female deer, the removal of any close season for male deer and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not conducive with the different habitats, species, geography, and seasonal demands in Scotland.

Read the Scottish Governments response to the recommendations:

Members and interested parties are invited to share their views with us on the recommendations and Scottish Government response.

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The BDS’s Statement on the Scottish Government’s Response to The Deer Working Group’ Report

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