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South West Scotland

South West Scotland

Branch information and events


22 Jan Branch AGM, Ken Bridge Hotel, 16:30hrs   
21 March Survival/Alone in the Forest - Ken Bridge Hotel, 7.30pm  
26 March Gong Shoot - Cornharrow Estate, 9.30am  
9 April Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
14 May Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
11 June Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
9 July Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
13 Aug Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
21 Aug Activity Day - Millhouse Deer Farm Lockerbie  
10 Sept Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  
8 Oct Range Day at Parton, 11.30am  

Branch contacts

Chairman Glen Heggs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Secretary Keith Snow This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Annual General Meeting Jan 2017

The AGM was well attended with 33 members and guests sitting down to dinner. Our guest speaker Michael Holiday gave a very interesting presentation on hunting and trapping in British Columbia. The scenery was so much better than Eskdalemuir. The skins he had on display opened one or two eyes and most present were surprised how big black bears and wolves really are. Grizzly bears are even bigger. An excellent presentation and the photographs were very impressive. Anyone interested in reading a copy of the AGM minutes please email. Glen Heggs remains Chairman. I remain as Secretary and the committee have all elected to continue. Glen and I will be standing down after 12 and 9 years respectively at the 2018 AGM.

Policing and Crime Bill 2017

One of the changes introduced by this Bill is the removal of expanding ammunition and bullets from Section 5 restrictions to Sec 1 which is effectively unrestricted provided you have a FAC. The Bill received Royal Assent on the 31st January. I have spoken to BASC Firearms Department and they have advised waiting patiently until the actual Act (the White Paper) is published. This may be within two weeks or not until summer. Target shooters who use carbines should be aware that some pistol calibre’s will still be restricted hence the need to wait for the Act to be published.

The practical effect of this Bill is the removal of the current restriction on purchasing expanding ammunition for stalking and vermin control. You will no longer have to purchase on a face to face basis and quantities will be unlimited. Effectively you will only be limited on the depth of your wallet and you can have bullets posted to your home.

Until the Act is published BASC advise that you must comply with the current conditions imposed by your FAC. Once the Act is published you will need to send your FAC to your local Firearms Department and have the expanding ammunition condition removed from your FAC to avoided any future complications.

I have a question. Can you now use expanding ammunition for target shooting?????????

Range Days at Parton

Our usual range days will commence in April. Parton range is a purpose built bench rest range which offers the best range facilities in SW Scotland. Our grateful thanks to Peter Jackson for allowing us to use his facilities. Dates for 2017 are:

April 9th          
May 14th         
June 11th        
July 9th            
August 13th    
September 10th
October 8th

Meet at 11.30am at the range. Please take extra care when driving across the runway. If you need directions please call. The committee have degreed by a unanimous vote that all unmoderated rifles will shoot on the same detail. 

Range Working Party

Several of our members are also members of Galloway Small Arms Club. GSAC are the only other club permitted to use the range. It has been proposed that we extend the range at Parton by building an open-air firing point at 300 yards. This will be a joint venture. A site visit is planned in the very near future and it is anticipated completing the work in one day. The sooner it is complete the sooner you can shoot. Volunteers will be required to assist in the building of the point. Anyone who can use a shovel is welcome. Most of the work will be done using a JCB. Details to follow.

Survival/Alone in the Forest - Ken Bridge Hotel, 21st March 7.30pm

One of the problems identified with stalking is the requirement to work alone. Often some distance from public roads and without a mobile signal. What would you do if you fell and were unable to walk? Bob Murphy was a lifelong soldier who has served in some of the more interesting parts of the world- Belize, Kosovo, Iraq. Bob now lectures on survival/bush craft skills around the country and will give you an idea of what you should do if you encounter a problem or more importantly what you shouldn’t do.

Gong Shoot - Cornharrow Estate - 26th March 9.30am

Meet at the bridge at 9.30am and we will all drive together to the range. There will be an opportunity to zero at 100 yards and gongs/paper targets out to 450 yards. The gongs will vary in size depending upon the distance but will typically be between 120mm and 250mm. You may shoot as often as you wish or until your ammunition runs out. There will be BDS signs on the B729.  Cost for the day will be £10 with the profits going into branch funds. Anyone offering to assist with targets, patching etc will be very welcome to attend and may use my shooting mat. Maximum caliber .308Win and no magnum calibers as they damage the targets.

Activity Day - Millhouse Deer Farm Lockerbie, 21st August

Further details to follow nearer the time.

First Aid + F

For those of you whose Stalking Lease requires a first aid qualification or even for those prone to accidents.  This will be organized and charged at cost. We held one three years ago so I am assuming there are numerous folk whose certificates will expire Nov/Dec this year. It is anticipated that the venue will be Lockerbie Truck Stop which is easily accessible just off the M74. Further details to follow.


The committee decided in 2012 that all notifications of branch/society business would be sent via email due to the increasing cost of postage.  If you are not receiving fairly regular updates of branch events then it is simply because we do not have your email address or you have changed your email address and not notified HQ.  Simply contact the secretary and all will be rectified.  If you live in an area without internet access then the secretary will happily post a copy of all newsletters and updates if you let the secretary know this is your only option.

Keith Snow  Secretary
01461 206750
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.